Resolve your snack cravings

Jack is a 12 year old entrepreneur with big motivation ad big vision.  He is looking become the only choice for you when you are needing to resolve your snack cravings.  Starting with all sorts of options for his customers, whether you are looking for sweet or savory, healthier or not, he has the choices for you.

Get a Snack Bag YOU'LL LOVE!

Satisfy any snack cravings with Jack's variety of snack boxes.

Happy Customers

Not just for kids! Everyone can enjoy having so many different snacks in one box!

Miranda G. 

"Oh boy my kids were thrilled. Celebrating final Harry Potter movie for the win!"

Eldon W.

"The Healthier box is our favourite to order."

Alicia P. 

"Our snack box just arrived and what a treat. There is a nice variety of snacks and the price is right."


Jack's MOST popular box.  A mixture of sweet, savory & healthier items too.

Typical items include both baked and regular chips, popcorn, beef jerky items, veggie type chips, granola snacks and bars, granola and energy bars including gluten free items, chocolate bars and chocolate snacks plus peanuts, nuts, trail mix items & fruit snacks and bars.


Looking for less sugary and calories? Try Jack's healthier snacks.

Typical items include baked, kettle chips or veggie type chips, popcorn, nuts, peanuts, trail mixes, darker chocolate, fruit snacks and bars, granola snacks, granola bars, energy bars and allergy/gluten free items.

"Movie Munchies"

The ultimate sweet tooth snack box with assorted, chips, chocolate & candy.

Typical items include bags of popcorn, microwave popcorn, chips, chocolate bars, candies and pop cans.

Giving back to the community

Did you know that Jack donates a portion of each box sold to the Cochrane & Area Humane Society? Both his individual and fundraising boxes too.

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